Friday, 11 April 2008

What the Trinity Is

  • The Trinity is, at its heart, a love story. When you read the words 'Father, Son and Holy Spirit' this is their simple meaning.
  • We are included in this story of love by sheer grace. That is, God does not need us, but loves us.
  • To be included in this love story is to be included into the very life of God because God is love. That is, to be loved by God is to receive God because God is love. God is not a shadowy figure behind God's love; God is love.
  • The Trinity is revelation and salvation.
  • The Trinity reorders our self-understanding and vision. (E.g. personhood, society, church, and salvation)
  • The different areas of theology (e.g. sacraments, Christology, grace, etc.) are just different ways of talking about the Trinity.
  • The Trinity is sensitive to contemporary interest in ecology, intimacy, justice, freedom, and respect for 'the other', etc.
However abstract trinitarian theology may have become in its doctrinal mode, there is, at its heart, the simplicity and complexity of a love-story. It tells of how God, out of love, gave what is most intimate to himself, his Son and Spirit, to be involved with this human world as saviour and redeemer. (Tony Kelly)

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