Monday, 30 June 2008

Like God Loves God

The whole story of creation, incarnation and our incorporation into Christ's body tells us that God desires us, as if we were God, as if we were that unconditional response to God's giving that God's self makes in the life of the Trinity. We are created so that we may be caught up in this, so that we may grow into the whole-hearted love of God by learning that God loves us as God loves God. (Rowan Williams)


  1. Warren I fear that this quote is actually putting forward a position you disagreed with earlier on you blog.

    Well it at least seems to be contradictory to me.

  2. I'd like to correct the contradiction, but still can't see it. Could you be more explicit?

  3. "If God were a lonely individual, God would not be love. And if that were the case, God would then create (something) to love in order to complete God's desire to love. By creating us, for example, God could then progress from the desire to love to actually loving something. God could then realistically be named as loving but not love." Warren Huffa, God is not alone.

    Is not Rowan Williams here saying that God's desire is us that according to Williams we are created so that fulfill God's desire? It is probably simply the nature of a two sentence quote that can then be misunderstood.