Monday, 21 July 2008

African Bible Study

Here is a group Bible study method that requires no formal knowledge, but will deepen your life with God. it is truly confronting if done consistently over time. You could do it each week with a group of people using the Sunday readings. The important point is not to justify your answer or particularly explain it. The point is our transformation through engagin with the Word of God.

1. One person reads the passage slowly.

2. Each person identifies the word or phrase that catches their attention.

3. Each shares the word or phrase around the group. (NO DISCUSSION, TEACHING, JUSTIFICATION)

4. Another person reads the passage slowly .

5. Each person identifies where this passage touches their life today.

6. Each shares their answer: "This passage touches me ..." (NO DISCUSSION, TEACHING, JUSTIFICATION).

7. Passage is read a third time (another reader).

8. Each person names or writes "From what I've heard and shared, what do I believe God wants me to do or be? Is God inviting me to change in any way?"

9. Each person shares their answer: "God invites me to..." (NO DISCUSSION, TEACHING, JUSTIFICATION)

10. Each prayers for the person on their right, naming what was shared in the other steps.

Close with the Lord's Prayer and silence.


  1. I have used this sort of method. It works well amongst trendy lefties such as ourselves. But it assumes everyone participating is well meaning. What if they are not?
    Should anti-semitism, homophopbia, or sexism go unchallenged in the name of 'nothing should be judged'. Mine experience is that some church people are awful bigots.

  2. It is hard not to. I remember doing this with street people and struggling not to say anything given some of what was said by the participants. It relies on the power of the gospel to work its way into our hearts when we do this week in, week out. Even if we are bigots.