Saturday, 16 August 2008

Healthy Churches Checklist

Sorry I had to delete this, but I couldn't get the table to post correctly. If anyone wants the table - it compares the healthy church checklist from NCLS, a four country survey in 2005, Bob Jackson, Robert Warren and Callahan, I can send it to you. Email me at

The lists are helpful because they give us some indicators of healthy churches. It is, of course, a bit of a circular thing, because you have to decide which churches are healthy and then list their characteristics. Interestingly, the surveys are pretty consistent across the western world. Anyway, the lists can give some indication of what we can be thinking of in our situation if we wish to increase the health of the church. It is not a certainty of course, and for some might not be useful. But I reckon the lists are a great resource that I have used successfully at Holy Innocents. But these lists are not the messiah; Jesus still gets the guernsey for that office.

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  1. but what does it mean?
    I don't have much difficulty drawing up tables of descriptors (I often forget what they mean six month afterwards)
    But have some difficulty in, when you know where you are, what you then do with that.