Monday, 25 August 2008

Moses in the Nile (Kids' Talk)

Pentecost 15, Exodus 1

(Have 'Moses' on some card in Hebrew.) What's this? It says 'Moses'. Who knows about Moses? (Get the answers, lead into his birth if possible.)

Essentially tell the story with props and willing volunteers.
  • Last week ended in Egypt
  • Now the people are slaves to a mean king called Pharaoh.
  • Moses' mum tries to hide Moses from the soldiers, but eventually can't anymore and puts him in a basket on the River Nile.
  • We had a basket with a doll, and a few volunteer reeds (hands in the air waving about)
  • Big sister looks on (we got a volunteer to do this)
  • Pharaoh's daughter gets the child (another volunteer, with princess headgear)
  • Big sister speaks to princess, gets Moses' mum (another volunteer) to nurse Moses
  • Princess names him Moses, because he is drawn out of the water.
  • Moses ends up living in the palace 9from slavery to palace)

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