Sunday, 10 August 2008

Walking on Water (Kids' Talk)

Pentecost 13, August 10, 2008. Kids' Talk delivered at Holy Innocents. The reading was Matt 14:22-36, Jesus walking on the water.

If I pick up this heavy box, do you think I prove myself to be God? (Get some answers, then lift it. Make the box empty, but put on a face, just so you don't do your back in!)

I did it! So am i God? No. What would I have to do to prove I was God? (See what they say.) Move a mountain, change the colour of my car by clicking my fingers, walking on water, feeding 5000 people from one loaf of bread? (Get answers as you go.) The first disciples recognised Jesus as God because he walked on water.

What about dying on a cross? Cross on the one hand, and walking on water on the other. Which one. (Weigh it up in front of them. Both! Most people can see the first, but the second is just, even more true.

The Bible says the cross. God might be able to do pretty special tricks and they impress, but dying on a cross for us, now that shows Jesus really was God.

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