Monday, 29 September 2008

Announcing the Inaugural Adelaide Anglican Blog Conference

I am pleased to announce the inaugural Annual Adelaide Anglican Blog Conference. It will be held in March 2009 and hosted on this blog. The topic is subsection 2 in The Jerusalem Declaration produced by GAFCON. The contributors are Revd Dr David Willsher, Very Revd Dr Steven Ogden, Dr Lucy Larkin, Revd Dr Phillip Tolliday, Revd Barbara Messner, Right Revd Dr Stephen Pickard, and Revd Dr Warren Huffa. Each contributor's post will be published over the two weeks beginning Friday, February 27. This will allow each contribution to be read over two days as we build a comprehensive picture of some of the issues around Scripture, and Scripture and the Anglican Communion. In addition to this, each post will be published with a prepared response. Comments will also be welcome.

Titles of each post will follow soon, but among the topics to be discussed will be inspiration and inerrancy, Scripture as the living word, and the plain meaning of Scripture.


  1. Hi

    Sounds like a great idea. If anyone can tell me what the "plain and canonical sense" of scripture is, that would be great.

    Nick Ingram

  2. Dear Nick,

    Yes, we are all waiting for that! Phillip Tolliday will be looking at that issue, and he will make his usual perceptive contribution. Thanks for your interest in us over here in Adelaide!


  3. Warren, having considered your kind offer to be a respondent, I will be accepting.