Monday, 6 April 2009

It's All Over For 2009

The posts for the inaugural Adelaide Anglican Blog Conference are complete. (Comments are still welcome.) Many people have said that the pre-Easter timing was a bit difficult. So to make it easier to read a post here or there, here is a hyperlink index of all posts and responses:

Warren Huffa, What is the Lens Through Which You Read Scripture?
Response: Stephen Bloor

Barbara Messner, Penned, Pinned or Patronized - The Word of God and Human Presumption
Response: Phillip Tolliday

Phillip Tolliday, How Plain is the Plain Sense of Scripture?
Response: Warren Huffa

Lucy Larkin, The Wisdom of Ants and the Storehouses of Snow: Fresh Readings of the Bible For a Planet in Peril
Response: Tony Nicholls

David Willsher, Prisoners of Belief: On Epistemic Privilege and Episcopal Fiat
Response: Barbara Messner

Stephen Pickard, Inspiration, Inerrancy and Biblical Authority: Some Thoughts For Those Navigating Treacherous Waters
Response: Phillip Tolliday

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  1. That is true in the middle of Lent we've all been extra busy I dare say, can I suggest you move it to after Easter in the future.