Monday, 18 May 2009

Our Only Hope

"Easter is surely the ground of hope for human beings and the cosmos rather than an example of life's self-perpetuation; for it identifies God, and God alone, as the one who makes death's defeat possible, and gives new existence to the terminated. (Rom 4:17) Jesus was dead and buried; his life was finished and done with. No rhythm of nature, no innate capacity of humanness, could return him from the grave. Only God's grace and power, accomplishing a new act with and upon a man totally deceased, could win that victory." (Alan E. Lewis)


  1. Indeed, it is by God and not by human beings. It throws a complete challenge at all who believe they can create utopia.

  2. Maybe it's me but I just don't see the connection between the Lewis quote and utopia. At the risk of sounding like Pauline Hanson...please explain - someone, anyone!

  3. Simply that the world's leaders including the one's in Jesus' day promised a different vision of the world of being able to create Utopia by Human work without God.

    However, Jesus did not stay dead, his rising from the Grave with God's grace and power changed and showed that God could create or recreate the world to how it should be and that only God can!