Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Theological meaning of Ascension

To extend a previous post, the theological meaning of the ascension of Jesus can be summarised as: (a) Jesus has the authority of God (so listen to him!) (b) Because Jesus reigns with the Father, when the Father sends the Spirit it is impregnated with the crucified-risen one. Because of the ascension Jesus is no longer bound to a single geographical/chronological dot, but is universally present as saviour to the whole of the creation, continuously.

There are many consequences flowing from this theological meaning. Two for starters. First, stardust is now resurrected and ascended; the beginning of the fulfilment of all stardust has begun. Second, everything that is encapsulated in the terms 'crucified-risen' is now present to all creation, including both the absence (and mysterious presence) of God in the godforsakenness of the cross, and the liberation of the victory of resurrection.

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  1. Well I'm not so sure about stardust, Denis Edwards notwithstanding, but it certainly has significant consequences for our ecclesiology and eucharistic theology. Perhaps you could develop those in your further posts.