Sunday, 21 June 2009

Built on a Rock (Kids' Talk)

Previous kids' talks have used the idea of layers of bricks, likening the apostles to the first layer, and each generation of Christians built on top of them. I have also used the idea of Cephas' renaming to Peter, solid on which you can stand. We also have a boulder out the front of the church with a plaque commemorating the opening of the new Holy Innocents back in the 90s. The plaque is on rock because it is so solid and will last. Like God.


  1. The solidity of God; what a strange thought. Think about the rock and the river. People used to think that God was the rock in the river. I suspect that God is river in which the rock is situated. Why? Well, the rock is eventually shaped and perhaps even worn away by the river. But isthe river solid? Well, sort of - water is, after all, non-compressible, or at least that's what my navy-trained grandfather taught me. That's why depth charges work. Solidity - it's more complex than it seems (even on a purely natural plane).

    Glad to see you're back blogging.

  2. Dear anonymous,

    I like the metaphor you have suggested. last week i did a lesson on the baptism of Jesus with my Year 7 classes, and we were looking at the properties of water, and applying water symbolically to baptism. One of the properties they came up with was its ability to wash away just about anything. Applied to God in baptism, makes a lot of sense. So thanks for my next kids' talk!

    Sorry I haven't been blogging. I have moved house and have had trouble getting the phone and internet on. Would you believe 8 weeks after moving I still don't have internet at home! It's quite a story , but the point is that i blog at home, and that's why it just hasn't been happening. But the internet connection can't be far away now!