Monday, 5 July 2010

It's About God Not Us

When Abraham barters for the lives of the inhabitants of Sodom through the presence of a few righteous individuals, he does so not because of a sense of his personal standing in God's eyes, and it is not because prayer (if you have enough faith) always 'works'. Abraham does this because of the God with whom he is speaking. It is about God, not Abraham. Interecessory prayer is like this before it is anything else. It is not grounded in our fullness or standing. The very fact we are asking tells us of our need and incompleteness. We ask God.


  1. Rather than, "God please help those who are in need" consider "God please assist me to help those who are in need".
    One is the fish and the other is the rod.

  2. "God please help those who are in need" is more desirable, the other shows laziness.