Monday, 6 January 2014

Was Jesus Treated as Divine in Early Christianity?

Larry Hurtado
Here is a short summary from Larry Hurtado on the state of play regarding the emergence of the belief in the divinity of Jesus. He dismisses those who say that the emergence of Nicean-type theologising is the beginning of the Christian assertion of Jesus' divinity. He says such a proposition "is actually scarcely defensible".  He says it is really a matter of whether belief in the divinity of Jesus was an eruption very soon after the resurrection (months, perhaps a few years) or whether it takes a few decades of development. He opts for the former, and while I started with the "scarcely defensible" position 30 years ago, I have been moved to the eruption theory (emanating from jerusalem) through the sheer consistency and (theo)logic of the evidence and argument.


  1. not utterly convincing at this stage

  2. Hi Warren,

    It is interesting that the early worship of Jesus is consistent not only with trinitarian, but also with many unitarian theologies.

    His points seem to undermine this sort of reasoning: Jesus was properly worshiped, therefore, Jesus had the divine nature.

    Blog on!