Saturday, 24 January 2009

Can't Hide From God (Kids' Talk)

The Prophet Jonah

Have a game of hide and seek in the church, one child hiding and someone else finding. This is the lead into the idea of hiding from God. Where could we hide from God? Where could we end and God forget us?

Tell story of Jonah, and at each major point project a picture:

God had a task for him, but he didn't want to do it. God wanted him to go to a city and tellthe people to change their bad ways. So

he fled on a boat

but God had other ideas and made a big storm

so the sailors through Jonah overboard! And

just when he thought he was lost, he was swallowed by a dirty great fish, and

just when he thought God had forgotten him,

the fish vomited him out on the shore, right next to the city where Jonah had to go.

So he went up there and told them what God said. Lucky he did because they listened tohim and changed their ways!

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