Friday, 23 January 2009

Stardust Saves All

The Incarnation tells us that Jesus was more than a teacher; the content of the gift of salvation is not a new teaching alone which can bring enlightenment to those who ponder it, but stardust that brings an eternal reconciliation. The tendency is to in someway split or peel off Jesus from the content of salvation. So he can become more like a prophet or an expression of the universal presence of God inherent in all of us from birth. The great heretics were much more subtle than the modern versions that try to tear asunder what God has united.

A truly astonishing implication of the Incarnation is that human flesh can save the whole cosmos. That is, a human being, living a very human life like you and I, can redeem everything and unite all with God. Can you feel your humanity reaching for, desiring salvation? Does it feel like human flesh made from stardust, just like your flesh, can be the point of salvation for all creation?

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