Monday, 24 August 2009

Follow Your Gifts

Following on from God's Call (Part 1), the second part to my preaching series on God's call asks how we can discover our call. For most of us it doesn't come in a Damascus Road experience as depicted in the picture. So where do we start? You won't be surprised if I say that the identification and use of our gifts is crucial. It is really pretty obvious that if God has given us certain gifts and passions this should be explored as an indication that God's call is to be discerned in and through the exercise of these gifts and passions. But what if you don't see how these gifts or passions could be used productively in your life? Or can't see how they could make a contribution, or not see how you could make a living from them? Then, at this point, concentrate on developing your gifts. You might be born with a talent, but that isn't enough. We have to use, grow, develop our gifts and passions and, as we do, a door will be there at some point to open. Needless to say things might not work out how you thought. But after all, it is God's call to us that we are talking about.

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