Tuesday, 25 August 2009

We Are Not Alone

We don't like the idea of being alone. But given the vicissitudes of human community people end up seeking solace in all sorts of strange places. UFOs are one of them. Some people love the idea that there is an intelligent 'other' separate from our flawed human history. We can't trust each other, but maybe we could trust ET! Well, yes, I have some sympathy with the desire to step outside of reality, but, obviously, we can't, and that is exactly what the doctrine of Original Sin is trying to communicate.

Some people do the same with nature. The unspoilt outdoors where we leave behind the corruption of human history and what we have done to nature. Or leaving the human community to find companionship with our near genetic neighbours of the animal kingdom. Pets don't betray you. (Although not all our genetic neighbours are that friendly and will eat us if given half a chance.)

I'm all for the unspoilt wilderness and the guileless relationship I have with Gromit our dog. But it is hardly an answer to human sin and the pressing problems of humankind. And I shouldn't finish this post without mentioning how people use God just like a UFO. An intelligent 'Other' removed from the blood and sweat of human history. But in this case we are clearly not thinking of the God of Jesus.

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