Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Go To Church and Be a Better Person (Going to Church Series)

Now I know we are a religion of grace and that we don't earn our salvation, and we are certainly not in the business of superficial moral perfection or liberal 'enlightenment'. However, I think it is true that going to church will make you a better person. Of course, I have to add caveats to this statement like, which church you go to will make a difference. (Go to the loony right and you'll end up a loon). But I stand by my previous sweeping generalization: church is one of the few places left we can go where we will have enacted for us in the liturgy, and hear in scripture and sermon, some of the greatest bits of wisdom ever struck in human culture. And despite the fact that the church can have some of the worst people attending, most of the best and most human people I know I have met through the church. Without the church I would never have had the resources to transcend the little bit of humanity I had when I became an adult. If I didn't go to church and put my puny little existence into a much bigger frame, I would slide into utter superficiality, and one that I consider rather bleak.

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  1. I used to believe this sort of line...but I wonder.
    I remember a priest who influenced you saying when we were at St B....and when it was particularly least we are trying to do the right thing.
    However I wonder if those of us who have been victims of abuse or bullying wwould so glibly agree.
    One of the things I find deeply confronting about the Church is that (apart from your good self)I don't think there is anyone who gives a stuff about me!!!